Summer Edition: Accessories Try-On Session @Luminesence Boutique

Hi everyone,

I am so excited today to bring you this post. I visited one of my favorite accessories boutique, Luminescence Boutique and tried some of the pieces that they currently have in store on.


Hair Care- Protective Style Option- Bob Wigs for Homecoming @Luxhairshop

This post is sponsored by LuxHairShop. However, all opinions are mine.
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Hi everyone,
Here's to another partnership with LuxHairShop. They contacted me last month for a collaboration and I thought that they had some cute wigs that can be incorporated in your healthy hair journey. This is a few recommendations of Bob wigs for homecoming but can be incorporated in your healthy hair journey. Before we move forward, for all my Caribbean girls like me, let's address the elephant in the room. 

The Dress that stirs good memories


Happy Saturday everyone:

This is actually the third time (out of 5) that I dedicated a whole post to just one dress when the project itself is about trying on trend outfits for summer. I would say that this one may definitely fit the summer category but for a special occasion. 


Casual Chic with a hint of Summer: Dressing Room Try-On Session @Barbie Store

Hi Everyone,

Here we go again with another try-on session. Upon request, this one comes 5 days earlier but we will resume to our regular schedule next week. I took those pictures about two (2) weeks ago and I guess the wait became unbearable. I am as exited as some of you to share this post today. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Summer Edition: Dressing Room Try-On Session @Khiani ||| Part I

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing another summer dressing room try-on session at khiani Boutique, another favorite shopping place of mine. I had so much fun taking those photos and my girlfriend, Fah @vonvon had as much fun taking them and as much pain trying to edit them properly. While I am not quite satisfied with the end result, I will however share them with you today. One may see the job of a blogger easy but on the contrary, the amount of time that is invested into creating content, photoshoot and editing make it a full-time job itself. Go figure why some people, like me, take it as a hobby -lol.


Why I fell in love with this gown : The purple Gown @Lilophia Boutique

Happy Weekend everyone,

I love the color purple. I think purple is the color that complement my skin tone the most, along with pink which make them my top favorites colors. I also like white, nude and black. However, I always get complimented when I wear red and blue and everything explained itself when you understand the color "purple" itself.


5-ish Ways to Wear a White Denim Bottom

Hi everyone,

A white jeans can be a challenge but when does right it will bring that extra confidence you need to take your outfit to a higher level. Am I making sense here?


Summer Edition: Dressing Room Try-On Session @ Lilophia Boutique

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well under the high summer heat. On my side, I had fun shooting at Lilophia Boutique last week. The sales executives over there are nice and the owner is a very sweet person; unfortunately, we did not get a chance to take a picture together this time...


Casual Work Outfit : Fit & Flare Dress & Silk Scarf

 Hi Everyone,

Today's post was supposed to be a big announcement for me as of where I am heading in my blogging journey. However, I decided that I have some more homework to do before sharing that big news with you. But please be patient, I should be ready to tell within the next week or two.


Another Summer Dress & Thursday Fashion Files Link Up Party

Hi Everyone,

I love a maxi piece of clothing: a great maxi skirt (as seen here) or dress (another post here) is a staple piece in one girl closet. They are so versatile and can be worn to many occasion: running errands, casual events, beach events (hello, IG pictures!) and of course, my favorite to brunch 😀😃😄


Casual Chic & Brunch Date: Dressing Room Try-On Session@ La Renommée Boutique

Hi everyone,

I hope your week starts off well. Today I'm exited to bring you another another dressing room try on at La Renommée Boutique. Before we begin, I must mention that this is one of my favorite boutiques to shop. I genuinely enjoy shopping there, this is my go to place for almost 15 years now whenever I have those fancy events. They never disappoint. Keeping Summer in mind, I tried a few pieces that I think would be perfect for brunch date, morning and afternoon event or for any casual chic occasion.


What to Wear to a Formal or Semi-Formal Event- Sponsored by Michele Boutique

When you get a party invitation for a “formal” event, it can be pretty confusing to decipher what that means. Is it cocktail-wear? Or black tie? And what does black tie even mean when it comes to ladies-wear?


5-ish ways to wear a Maxi Skirt

Hi everyone,

A maxi skirt is so versatile. Pair it with some sneakers and a clean tee for that comfy look, or with some cute top and heels for a more chic look, whatever combination you have in mind, give it a try - you might be pleasantly surprise. Today, I am showcasing that so on-trend yellow maxi skirt 5 (ish) different ways.


Summer Edition : Dressing Room Try-On Session @ Michele Boutique

Hi everyone,

Today we have something new: A summer try-on haul at Michele Boutique. Anyone says summer? Well, we all know what that means: bikinis (swimwear), shorts, mini skirts, sleeveless/backless, embroidered /lace tops and dresses, and of course: maxi floral and flowy skirts and dresses. However, every year, the trend evolves into something different or not quite different as you notice that some pieces are more trendy than others. This year, summer trends is mostly inspired by the 90's. Here's the top 15ish trend for summer 2019:
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