The Little Striped Side Buttoned Midi Dress

Hi everyone:

Happy Tuesday! I fell in love with that little dress (4th of July approved) the very moment I laid my eyes on it. The material is  a soft and stretchy cotton blend and pretty much summarize an outfit outside of my comfort zone but I said to myself I'll give it a try with some Spanx. After all, it wasn't expensive and I could always give it away if it didn't flatter my figure. 

 I first worn it to a kid birthday party since in my eye it was just another every day dress. Little did I know that not only it was quite elegant and sexy, I didn't need any Spanx. My hard work paid off. Slowly but surely working towards my fitness goals😊. 

Conclusion: That dress definitely made it to my fitness motivation wardrobe. "Wake Up Beauty, it's time to Beast!" 

Dress (Exact same in blue) ||| Shoes (similar)||| Clutch (local store) |||
Sunglasses (same but different shade)

As usual, thank you for stopping by and I look forward reading your comments.



Photo Credit @vonvonphotography


  1. I like the simplicity of this dress. its a good thing you didn’t get rid of it , it suits u well

    1. Thank you Daphnee. Definitely not my cup of tea but I'm glad I gave it a try. Xo.

  2. Such a pretty dress!

  3. Oh I love the side slit on your dress! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Ruth. the side slit is everything. Xo.

  4. Hello from the linkup! I love striped dresses and this looks great on you. :)


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