Motherhood & My weight loss Journey + Fashion

Hi everyone:

I hope you are doing fine. As mentioned in my previous post (click here), I stopped blogging because I became aware of my overweight body as I was photo shooting for the blog as a result I started to lose confidence in my appearance. Although hubby was pleased with the new curves, I always felt the need to cover up a little too much no matter what the occasions: from work to cocktail hours, date nights and formal events. One will say I am always dressed over the top – they are not completely wrong- but in reality I was doing my best to boost my level of confidence up by hiding what I’ve identified as “flaws” by playing smart with fashion. While you can mislead with a selfie by finding that right angle, you can’t hide anything from the lens of a camera or what people will see in real life.

When I stopped blogging, I put up the work and lost the weight. I was eating healthy and working out 5-6 times a week, 2 hours a day.  I felt amazing but then I accidentally got pregnant with the twins. The rest is history… So it was time (again) to start (over) my journey of finding myself by eating healthy and staying active/fit. I was able to maintain my ideal weight even after the twins’ pregnancy but unfortunately having premature babies were no joke and as I struggled as a mother of 3 with a full-time job, it became easy to get away with almost everything:  from stress eating to eating all the wrong food at any time of the day and night and hide behind those strong facts:

     1. I had to breastfeed 2 babies and;
     2. I also had to pump every 4 hours to save for when I am away (Keep in mind that I breastfed exclusively for nine (9) consecutive months).

Long story short, I got back on track end of last year and worked along with my nutritionist as I found my way back to a healthy lifestyle but I still struggle with the “staying active/fit” part of it as I rarely find time to exercise. I am working into turning those excuses to short workouts session so I can go back to my 2-hour regular workout sessions. Unfortunately, I currently suffer from joint and muscular pains and have to take it easy. In the meantime, you can notice the transformation in the pictures above. Just take a look back at my previous posts and you will see the difference. I am happy and I feel young and energetic. What better way to express it other than wearing a crop top and a classy pair of pants for a date with hubby?

Having said that, I am not perfect and I am not one of those addicts encouraging everyone to go crazy about losing weight and eating healthy and stuff – I do allow myself 1 cheat day per week until I can live without all those not so full of nutrients foods – however, I highly encourage everyone to do everything possible to keep their confidence level as high as possible. Building your self-esteem or working on those issues that make you insecure, one step at a time and most importantly: Be Happy. Life is short. Of course, knowing your body type and being able to dress up accordingly will help tremendously in the meantime.

Sharing my story so that it can be some sort of help to any new mom out there going through the same. And remember, we are heroes.

2 pieces outfit (similar) ||| Jacket (Old from NYC) ||| Handbag (Exact Same) ||| Shoes (old) |||
Sunglasses (here)

Photo Credit : @vonvonphotography


  1. Beautiful, really on the trend for summer. Can you please share the information about your nutritionist.

    1. Hello dear, my girl is tagged on my IG profile. However, you don't need her lol

  2. Beautifully shared. Amazing. Happy you are taking your time. Thes best way
    Rest and enjoy the weekend
    Happy weekend
    new post

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Melody. I am a follower of your blog since 2015 :-)

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! You look really wonderful. Do take it easy on yourself when you are suffering from pain, it's important to give yourself time to recover. Maybe shorter workout sessions would help? Thank you for sharing your journey with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party!

    1. Hello April, Thank you for reading the post. I had to stop working out to focus on my health issues. Hoping that I will get better next month. Xo,


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