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Hi everyone,

Today we will be addressing one of my favorites topics: Protective Style for a healthy Hair. Protective style is one of the key steps to help grow your hair. For me, with my career and my style it becomes difficult to use most of the common style currently available. So for protective style, I basically go for a bun using bobby pin only, with no scrunchies or hair elastics. Of course depending of your hair length you might need one of those to help you reach that perfect bun but please do not tight up your hair (FYI, I have bra strap length hair).
Most common protective styles include: sew-in weaves & braids: crochets, faux locks etc... among others. I highly discourage those 2 methods for the following reasons;

1- create tension on the edges if too tight (tight sewing & tight sewing will definitely result in Alopecia)

2- Although hair is growing underneath your weaves or braids, most of the time you can't really see or appreciate the result because you experience hair breakage and thinning when you take them out because it can be challenging to proper hydrate your ends.

So besides natural style such as buns, twist out on natural hair, what other option do we have: I believe that  wig can be a good option. Why? Because you just have to cornrows your hair underneath and remove the wig on a daily or at least twice a week to give your length the proper hydration they deserve. As a result, you can keep your ends happy while new growth is coming along beautiful. Also, it makes it easier to wash your natural hair and give some TLC more frequently and start over fresh and as desired. and, of course, you can always use some hair perfume on the wigs to cover the smell of those hot oil treatments coming from underneath the wig.

I have been looking into that options for years now and I was happy when reached out to me for a collaboration on their 2019 human hair wigs online mostly because they have options more suitable to women with type 4 hair, they interact with their customers thru social media and publicly on they website and and their rating is high. is an online store specialized in wigs, hairpiece and extensions. Whether you're new to wearable hair or not, expert tips and guides are available online to help their customers make the right choices. Their Wig Experts are licensed cosmetologists, professional hair stylists, and wig lovers thus they are able to offer the best selection of brands and styles along with those guides and tips. Also, they test their products on their staff prior release to the general public. prides itself in their outstanding shopping experience and are not afraid to go the extra mile to support its clientele in order to address all they concerns before they place an order.

  • Type of hair available: Brazilian, Peruvian and synthetic hair wigs
  • Styles available: kinky, curly, wavy, straight, yaki
  • colors available: black, red, burgundy, blond, ombre
Tips to wear your wigs as they wear your own hair (How to not draw attention to your wig):

  1. Get a wig to your natural hair pattern;
  2. Get a wig within the same length of your hair if not shorter. If you decide to go longer then your natural hair, do not go too crazy;
  3. Get help from a professional to make it fit prior the first use,
  4. Keep the style simple
  5. Use your face foundation as needed;

And, it is definitely that time where you can go a little crazy with those highlights as it can damage your own hair and promote setbacks. You can always get another wig if too much shedding and you can try so many other options. Remember that abuse of heat styles on wigs will make them last shorter.

When to consider wearing a wig:

  1. If you are following some hair treatments that require no to limited hair manipulation (medical condition);
  2. To extend your relaxers (healthy hair journey);
  3. For protective styling (healthy Hair journey);
  4. To save the day when you are having a bad hair day 😃;
  5. If you are experimenting a lot of breakages following some medical treatments or postpartum. 
And remember: always take care of your natural hair underneath.
With that said, I came across the above wigs which I believe are appropriate for my type 4 hair. For me, they follow the above guidelines to perfection and may work for many of you as they are different length, texture and style.  I would probably give a try to that 1st options. What about you?  Would you consider buying human hair wig from LuxHair?

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For more info about that online wig shop, Check out their website & social media:
P.S. Luxhair currently has a promo where they will give you free eyelashes for each order.

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  2. What a beautiful post.
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  3. This is a great post! I've been wanting to try out wigs because they look so beautiful!

    1. me too - I think I'm going to give it a try.

  4. Oh what a neat post! I think it's fun to switch up a look with a wig!


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