Cocktail Dress & Blog Update

Hello darlings,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. Have you noticed anything new to the blog? And yes, LaMoumous has now its own domain: . It was long overdue! I hope that this will make it easier for you to visit more often. Lately, I have been doing a lot of fixing and cleaning up around the blog to improve your experience. The plan is to have everything fixed by end of this month.

So in the beginning I wanted to ease the interaction between my readers/visitors with me as well as with other bloggers therefore I never moderate the comments I was getting and it was fine but during those years of absence, I got flooded with spams and unsolicited comments, as a result, Google AddSenSe demonetized my website for broken links and spams. I am almost done fixing the broken links except for one and I removed all those spams - or almost all of them- so I hope that I will be able to get my account restored as soon as possible.

Enough with the rambling…. Back to fashion: We all need one of those versatile dresses in our closet that we can take from work to a (business) cocktail or just a date night. Actually, I dedicated a section to those kind of those dresses in my closet. I reach for them not only to wear from day to night but I also whenever I am either running late in the morning and can’t think of anything to wear or one of those days where I think I have nothing to wear. Am I making sense? Anyway, I got that dress couple of years ago and it is a beautiful dress, I would say I find it classy and sexy in a very elegant way. I really like the details, those lace appliques are to die for. I never get to wear it simply because it was a little too big for me. It is a size Small however; it needed some tailoring mostly at the waistline. I initially got the dress to attend a first communion reception but I ended up wearing something else since I did not have the chance to have it altered. Then came pregnancy and all that come along with it. I wanted to have it fixed since I lost weight but lately my seamstress have been unavailable…. 

So here’s come my birthday back in May and nothing went as I planned or as I wanted it to be: I ended up with a messy pre-pooed hair of 2 days, my nails were – let’s just not get into the details – and to top it all I had two important and short notice meetings that I couldn't skip. I remembered I was so depressed on that day that when I woke up that morning I was like “whatever” but then I had to keep it together since I was meeting clients. So browsing my closet, I had a crush on that dress. Keep in mind that it is see through so I came up with that genius idea to wear it with one of my nude post-maternity spanx – way too big for me- but did the job. Not only it mitigate the see thru issue it also compensate for the baggy look at the waistline. I was also able to fix the top with some push up bra. To complete the look on that day, I added a navy blazer with some heels and one of my designer bag to elevate the look and divert the attention from my hair and nails. I was ok with the result (will see if I can insert a picture of the look) therefore, I went with that same nude spanx for the photo shoot. 

Although I lost a lot of weight, I still have some sort of an hourglass figure that will explain why the dress fit mostly at the bottom and not at the waistline. I always had that struggle with my waist – so thin and my thighs big enough comparing to my waist. With that said, I like my body shape and do not mind spending a few extra bucks for alteration to make things fit to my liking.

Dress (old, love that option) ||| Shoes (lace shoes option) |||| Clutch (option
From BD outfit: Blazer (almost identical) ||| Shoes (same) ||| 
Handbag (same without the flower appliques)
Tip for the day: It is important to know your body type and dress accordingly – Do not wear something too tight or too big. Nothing look more put together or give you that expensive look than clothes that flatter your figure.

An announcement before I go: starting next month, I will publish once a week a new fashion series entitled “how to’s”. This series will provide some tips on what to wear, how to wear, where to wear. I hope you will like it.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time,



Photo Credit: @Vonvonphotography


  1. Thanks for sharing this post it's all dressing ideas is really helpful for all users.


  2. Beautiful dress! You look lovely!

  3. Hello Moumous,
    First, you look wonderful. The dress fits you like a dream! I will use my alterations lady to fit things to my liking. I love the texture on the dress and the champagne color on you. Stunning!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jessica, the details on the dress are everything. Xo,

  4. That dress is so pretty! The color is a classic and perfect for summer!

  5. What a beautiful dress! I'm glad you got your blog fixed. I wouldn't know where to begin with mine! Stopping over from Claire's blog hop!

    1. Thank you Heather - I visited your blog and I think it's perfect. I don't know for the oldest post but it looks fine to me. Xo, Iris

  6. This is such a beautiful dress on you! I feel like dresses are sometimes the hardest article of clothing to get a perfect fit on, but understanding your body type helps a lot!


    1. Definitely! Thanks for stopping by Katie,

  7. Such a pretty dress. Beautiful outfit. Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday Blog Hop over at Claire Justine. I hope you can join us today :)

  8. This is such a beautiful dress on you! I feel like dresses are sometimes the hardest article of clothing to get a perfect fit on, but understanding your body type helps a lot!


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