20 Tips to Grow Out your Hair + My Vintage Dress

Hi everyone, 

As announced in my previous post (here), and as many of you requested, today I am sharing 20 tips to help grow out your hair:

  1. Eat healthy;
  2. Drink plenty of water (1 gallon per day is ideal or a min of 2.2L);
  3. Take your vitamins;
  4. Know your hair type & porosity and get hair products accordingly*;
  5. Stay away from heat styling;
  6. Finger detangle or detangle with a wide tooth comb;
  7. Use a satin/silk bonnet to sleep;
  8. Do not over greased scalp with heavy oils unless wash day is next day;
  9. Hydrate your hair (daily, twice a day, every other day depending of your hair needs using the method** that works for you);
  10. Massage scalp with a light oil***;
  11. Wash your hair every other week;
  12. Deep condition every time after every hair wash;
  13. Co-wash as needed;
  14. Do a protein treatment once a month (beware of protein overdose or protein sensitivity to prevent breakage);
  15. Pre-poo overnight;
  16. Avoid hair products that contain harsh chemicals;
  17. Use organics products as much as possible****;
  18. Extend your relaxer/texlaxer;
  19. Use protective styles****;
  20. Do your hair at home and avoid unnecessary hair salon visit;
  21. BONUS 1: stick to the hair care regimen that works for you and refrain yourself from following what’s trendy – may not necessarily work for you;
  22. BONUS 2: Be patient and learn from your setbacks for positive outcomes.

  1. *main hair type: straight, wavy, curly, kinky – Porosity (hair ability to absorb and retain moisture): low, med, high;
  2. **most common methods: LOC: (liquid+Oil+Cream) LCO (Liquid+Cream+oil)
  3. ***Sample of light oils: coconut, avocado, EVOO, argan, almond, sesame…
  4. **** Brands I use or recommend: Shea Moisture, Mielle Organics, Carol’s Daughter, Kerastase Aura Botanica . I would also like to make note of 2 popular brands that aren’t necessary good for your hair: Hairfinity (hair supplements not included): will break hair if your it is dry or if protein sensitive /  Olaplex: recommended to use only once a month. However, it contains non natural ingredients in their top 5 listing – also not recommended if you are protein sensitive (not to be used on a weekly basis);
  5. ***** Beware that some protective styles can damage your hair: tight braids, faux locks and weaves – and not taking proper care of your hair underneath will also cause breakage. My got to and favorite protective style is loose bun made with bobby pin / no scrunchies or hair elastics. 
Dress (here) ||| Shoes (here) ||| handbag (similar)
About me and my journey:
  1. I started my journey about 5 years ago. I went from neck length to mid back length with a recent setback to bra strap length (currently recovering);
  2. Hair Porosity: normal to high porosity;
  3. Hair type: A mixed of 4B and 4C;
  4. Hair Condition: Texlaxed;
  5. My ultimate hair goal is waist length;
Please note that products or brand I recommend are the ones I personally used. So my feedback are based on experiment done on my own hair.
Dress (here) ||| Shoes (here) ||| handbag (similar)
I would be glad to read about your journey. Please share in the comment section below and let me know if you would like to read more about my hair journeys or more tips on how to grow your hair and hair products.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time,



Photo Credit: @vonvonphotography


  1. I am a firm believer in massaging my scalp every day and I use essential oils. Thank you for sharing your tips.

    1. Massaging scalp is gold. Essential oils are also good. Thanks for stopping by.Xo

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