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Hi everyone,

Today we will be addressing one of my favorites topics: Protective Style for a healthy Hair. Protective style is one of the key steps to help grow your hair. For me, with my career and my style it becomes difficult to use most of the common style currently available. So for protective style, I basically go for a bun using bobby pin only, with no scrunchies or hair elastics. Of course depending of your hair length you might need one of those to help you reach that perfect bun but please do not tight up your hair (FYI, I have bra strap length hair).


Hello summer & A Labour of Fashion Link-Up

Hi everyone,

Summer is here and weekend is right around the corner and I am thinking of what I would wear to fully embrace the high heat season. I found myself enjoying going thru my closet, contemplating those cute summer items I own that are (still) on trend.  


It's a Pump Shoe Affair - Featuring FSJ Shoes Online

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Hi Everyone,

If you are close to me, you know that we are going to talk about one of my fashion items: Pump Shoes. I love pump shoes. In fact, I wore my 4-5 inches heel pumps all the duration of my 2 pregnancies despite all advice against (including doctor's order). Needless to say, that I was excited when I received an email from for a collaboration. I already own 2 pairs of their shoes and I can say that their quality is very good for the price.


CHANEL inspired Tweed Dress & Top of the World Style Link-Up Party

Hi everyone,

Can we talk about that Sleeveless Tweed Dress With Pearl Decoration. It was love at first sight. Although it require some alteration to better flatter my figure, I still love that dress. It is without any doubt another dress from that section of my closet (mentioned in previous post. Click here to read).


Cocktail Dress & Blog Update

Hello darlings,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. Have you noticed anything new to the blog? And yes, LaMoumous has now its own domain: . It was long overdue! I hope that this will make it easier for you to visit more often. Lately, I have been doing a lot of fixing and cleaning up around the blog to improve your experience. The plan is to have everything fixed by end of this month.


20 Tips to Grow Out your Hair + My Vintage Dress

Hi everyone, 

As announced in my previous post (here), and as many of you requested, today I am sharing 20 tips to help grow out your hair:


The Little Striped Side Buttoned Midi Dress

Hi everyone:

Happy Tuesday! I fell in love with that little dress (4th of July approved) the very moment I laid my eyes on it. The material is  a soft and stretchy cotton blend and pretty much summarize an outfit outside of my comfort zone but I said to myself I'll give it a try with some Spanx. After all, it wasn't expensive and I could always give it away if it didn't flatter my figure. 


Motherhood & My weight loss Journey + Fashion

Hi everyone:

I hope you are doing fine. As mentioned in my previous post (click here), I stopped blogging because I became aware of my overweight body as I was photo shooting for the blog as a result I started to lose confidence in my appearance. Although hubby was pleased with the new curves, I always felt the need to cover up a little too much no matter what the occasions: from work to cocktail hours, date nights and formal events. One will say I am always dressed over the top – they are not completely wrong- but in reality I was doing my best to boost my level of confidence up by hiding what I’ve identified as “flaws” by playing smart with fashion. While you can mislead with a selfie by finding that right angle, you can’t hide anything from the lens of a camera or what people will see in real life.


I am Back, Meet the New "ME"

Hello darlings J

It’s been a while – a long long time ...  How have you been? I missed you guys so much needless to say that I am super excited to be back. So many things happened in my life since the last time I blogged. I’ll do my best and try to bring you up to speed. So I stopped blogging because I:
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