A Touch of Green to kick-off the Holidays

Hi everyone,

This the season to be jolly! Actually, the only season where I can let the diva in me shine thru - lol. Funny but not funny. Anyway, I like a good mermaid dress and that one is no exception. As those december wedding invitations are coming, I am happy to find this classy yet not boring at all. Simply gorgeous!


15 holiday gift ideas for women @Amazon

Hi everyone,

It's time to make that Christmas gift list. It can be overwhelming to decide what to give to your dear ones. So I thought today I will share 15 affordable gifts ideas for the women in our lives.


10 Holiday gift ideas @ Pavillon Champagne

Hi everyone,

We are officially launching the holidays seasons. I hope you will find it fun, cheerful and your personal guide to a joyful season. Be sure to visit the blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to stay in the know. In collaboration with Pavillon Champagne & Champagne Boutique, today we bring you 10 gift ideas for the holiday seasons.


The White Jumpsuit @ChampagneBoutique and The House of Z

Hi Everyone,

Since I read the news on Vogue on November 1st, I kept coming back everyday to the article hoping that it was just a joke: Zac Posen, The House of Z is closed. Thirteen days later, and after the official Instagram good-bye post on their page I must accept that this is the end. Now if you are close to me, you know I love Zac Posen mostly their handbags, the Zac Collection.


What's Up with me & Casual wear to work

 Hi everyone,

With Christmas right around the corner, I feel the holidays depression come over me. And I definitely can't have that. I have so many fun things plan ahead for my kids and a special Holidays edition for the blog, I am trying to cheer up but I have been failing big time but don't worry, I will get there and on time. Dear depression, please come back later.


What shoes to wear to work

Buy here:
Rounded toe heels (here); pointed toe light brown heels (here); nude & snakeskin flats (here)
pointed toe flats (here)
Hi everyone,

I received a few questions of what type of shoes to wear to work or why some keep failing on picking up the right toe shoes. Today I am sharing a few tips that I think you should follow when deciding on your work shoes. Don't forget to comment below if you need more info or you can reach out in private (here) for more details.


Wedding Dresses

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Hi everyone,

I love weddings and I have been dreaming about having a second wedding for a very long time. And no, I am not going to marry another man -lol. I was referring to our vow renewal. So when I receive the collab email from ladypromdress on their their wedding  dress collection, I decided it was time to start preparing my for the D-Day. 


Lifestyle: My current eating habits

 Hi everyone,

I received a lot of requests about my weightloss journey and what I do to maintain the weight. In a recent survey, some of you requested to talk more about it and this is what I am going to do today. Before we start, If you haven't read the posts here and here, please check them out for more about my journey as today I will mostly cover my current diet.


My top 5 Perfumes to wear to the gym & Sportwear @Lilophia

Hi everyone,
I was reviewing my recent post about workouts habits (here) and I think that  I forgot one of the most important thing for me: Fragrances. I never go to the gym or to any other physical activities without me putting some perfume on. Now, some might think that's it is inappropriate to wear fragrance to the gym but I strongly disagree. I say "yes", if it's light and refreshing so of course that excludes, leathers, ouds, heavy spices, or candy-sweet vanillas/fruity. floral.  Aquatics, citrus and light florals fit the bill nicely and obscure the natural but not-so-nice body odors that tend to fog the air.   So today, I thought that  I would share my top 5 perfumes to wear to the gym with you.


The Orange Sweater Dress @Lilophia Boutique

Hi everyone,

It was just another bad hair day with the exception I was having a fun photographed try-on session @Lilophia. I came across this dress and instantly felt pretty. I then rushed in the dressing room to fix those messy hair. This color gives me life! How many times we want something to look good on us and although, it fits perfectly it doesn't do anything for us but we are not quite sure why? Or you sometimes hear people talk about how blue is "their" color, or how they look awful in peach. Did you know that your skin undertone defines what colors actually looks good on you? 


Kids Haircare & the girls

Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk about kids hair care. Some of my IG followers asked about the daily hair care routine for my daughters. So I figured why not make a post on the subject and and have some fun with the girls while we are at it. I can feel that this is going to be a long one given of how passionate I can be about hair care.


Work Outfits - What's in my Amazon Shopping Cart/ Wishlist

 Hi everyone, 

Today I am sharing my current Amazon shopping cart /wishlist with you. After my weight loss, it becomes more and more difficult to find clothes in my wardrobe that actually fit. I took some of them to my seamstress for alteration but it's definitely time to make some shopping especially when it has been a year since I reached and maintained my ideal weight. More about my weight loss journey and current diet on the blog next week.


10 ways to wear your black denim this Fall

Hi everyone,
We always talk about the versatility of a dark wash blue jeans and we are not going to make a debate. It is, indeed, a classic. But I do think that a black denim is also versatile, trendy and go well with everything. Today I am featuring 10 ways to wear your black denim this fall. I think they are a nice complement to this fall color palette.


From the Gym to the Street - Inspired by Adidas Powerfully Versatile Fall Collection

This post is part of a collaboration with Adidas

Hi everyone,
Nothing gives me that feeling of freedom more than running/walking in the mountains. Although my days are pretty busy, I try to stay as active as possible. It's been a while since I have not been to the gym; and if you remember me talking about my recent incident (post available here) I have been slowly but surely getting back to my workout routines. 


Pop Up Try-on @BelOptik - Eyewear

Hi everyone,

I love eyewear. Eyewear consists of items and accessories worn on or over the eyes, for fashion or adornment, protection against the environment, and to improve or enhance visual acuity. Common forms of eyewear include glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. So I use glasses and sunglasses. I am short-sighted (myope) so I do wear glasses - I like them fashionable -  and I am supposed to wear them all the time. I also love sunglasses and I own a few pairs. When I have my glasses on, you will find my sunglasses on top of my head used mostly as a headband.


5 ways to wear a tea-length skirt

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks to everyone who either participates on the poll over my IG or to those who provide feedback here. I decided to keep my current blog design and develop the mobile version. It's live now. Also, LaMoumous has widden the blog layout (larger images now) and changed its tagline from "The lookbook of a shopaholic" to "All About Confidence and Feeling Good". I think it is now more appropriate given that the blog is now a platform where we want to help other women to look good and feel good in their own skin by finding their personal style & image branding.


5-ish ways to wear a bottom bell denim


Hi everyone,

Have you noticed any changes around the blog? If so, comment below and let me know what you see. Anyway, on an earlier post (available here), I talked about a few fashion pieces that are currently trending. Today I am sharing 5-ish (8) ways to wear the bottom bell denim combining them with other trendy items like the belted jacket, the oversize jacket, jewel-tone blouse with a bow and more.


Pop Up Try-on @ Glamur Boutique - The Headband

Hi everyone,

So I recently had a meeting over at Glamur  Boutique and I noticed their new collection of Headband. Oversize headband is now a thing so if you are a headbands/pin lovers it's your time. Trendy since spring/summer 2019, I recommend those headbands for your casual ear or simply turn a bad hair day into a fun hair day :-).  


12 Fall Fashion Trends to wear in 2019

Hi everyone,

In a previous post (available here), I talked about a few fashion Fall trends for 2019. It may seems a little off as living in the Caribbean, we tend to think it is summer everyday. Although, there is some true to that, it is pretty chilly in the mountain between November and April. Also, there is so many ways to incorporate some of those pieces in the daily. Today, I will share 10 fashion trends 2019 that is friendly enough for our climate.


Healthy Hair Journey Update: All about my Texlax Process

On your left last texlax done early May- end April and on your right most recent textlax
Hi everyone,

Upon request, I am sharing my texlax process with you. The initial commitment was to share some video footages of the overall process. but unfortunately I couldn't make it: I borrowed a selfie stick and did not try it until the moment came for me to film. It was either too small or do not have the proper cable for either of my phones. As a result, I tried to take pictures as much as possible. I will do my best to explain how I care for my hair before, during and after a texlax process.


Help me decide on a new Design for the Blog (or not...)

Hi everyone,

Today we have a pretty unusual post but I need your help. If you are in my immediate entourage you are definitely aware of the changes I am making over the blog. However, I am struggling with one of the tasks that keeps me awake at night every now and then for the past 2 months as I can't set up my mind on what is my best move. So this is where your help is needed. 


My Face Skincare Regimen Update + 10 Tips for an Healthy Skin

No makeup and filter other than the early morning daylight
 Hi Everyone,

My mom used to say that a woman should always take care of her face because it's your "passport". Growing old, we become more self conscious about our appearance which sometimes may impact our self confidence. I personally think that once you are in your 20's you definitely need to set up an appropriate face care regimen so you always look clean, fresh and ready to go with minimal to no makeup.


Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Part III : More Outfit ideas

 Hi everyone,

Welcome back. If you haven't already done it already, please click here and here to read part I and part II of my workwear capsule wardrobe and then come back to wrap up our series with me here. And no, we are not having the black blazer today. I am sure you can envision all the look with the black blazer yourself so It's time to have some fun now that we have reviewed the basic of being classy and work appropriate.


Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Part II: The Khaki Blazer

Hi everyone, 

Today we are having Part II of our workwear capsule wardrobe. Before we move forward, please click here if you haven’t read the Part I of this series yet then come back and meet us here.  So to further our discussion I will today cover the Khaki blazer as announced in Tuesday blog post and also further our chat a little bit more about the subject. Also, come back on Saturday to wrap up our first workwear capsules. Right on time for Fall :-)


Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Part I: The Navy Blazer

Hi Everyone, 

Work wear can be a challenge for most of us. Working in the corporate field for over 15 years now, I have learned a few important things when it comes to work outfits. Now, depending of your job and your work environment, you still want to look your best no matter what you decide to wear. I personally love blazers and have been lucky enough to be able to wear one every day if I feel like it; but whether you wear jeans with just a button down shirt or simple trousers and blouses you still want to look your best. Most of us have a limited budget for fashion and yet always purchase clothes based on our emotion and later complain that we don’t have nothing to wear. 


An Overview of My Fragrance Collection

 Hi Everyone,

I love perfumes. So when I randomly asked if it would be of interest to share my collection with you and I had a few positive feedback so I did not hesitate a bit. Here we are with a fragrance blog post but let us be honest: Fragrance is the finishing touch of one outfit.


Made In Haiti - Haiti Tresors & Les Tresors de Gerry Part II

Haiti Tresors:Translation of what is written on each stones from left to right: Happiness, Sincerity, Respect, Health 
Hi Everyone,

Today we have our Part II of the Haiti Tresors/ Les Tresors de Gerry post. I have nothing else to add to what was already said in previous post here. Initially, I decided to make two posts because I was overwhelmed with everything that was happening on that week. As a result the post was not prepared in advance as I strive to. So the initial post was actually released in the morning after 7am whereas all my blogpost are scheduled in advance and go live at midnight. Reviewing the pictures, I now think it was a good idea as it gives you an overall idea of everything that you can find over at Haiti Tresors and also showcase the amazing job done by that amazing woman behind her camera @vovonphotography. 


Peach Or Purple?

 Hi everyone, 

First of all, I apologize for not having any blogpost on Saturday. I should’ve scheduled it in advance but I thought I would have enough time, energy or strength to do it all. If you are close to me, you know that we had lost a family member. I am not here to vent about it but I thought I would share the reason why there were no release last Saturday and why I have been absent on social media.


Made In Haiti with Les Tresors de Gerry @ Haiti Tresors Boutique Part I

 Hi everyone,
As announced in my local fair issue (available here), I have scheduled a few more in-store session with a few other local entrepreneurs promoting our culture. For today, I am sharing our visit at Haiti Tresors mostly featuring "Les Tresors de Gerry collections".


The Dress that Eve would wear Today - featuring Champagne Boutique

Hi everyone,

I know I said I have something planned for the gown section over at Champagne Boutique and 2 other boutiques in town but I couldn't resist to try on that dress not because I knew it was going to fit me well but because I wanted to check the level of discomfort I would feel in such too revealing dress with no bra support. Yet, here I am rocking it.


Custom Jewelry Feauturing

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Hi everyone, 

Today yet I am collaborating with to bring you more accessories options. For this post we will mostly feature 925 silver jewelry. I was glad when I received this collaboration request mostly because I am always on the hunt for some nice and good quality jewelry pieces at a reasonable price and being able to customize to include my family definitely remove all the guilts. 


Top 6 lace front Wig Hacks To Keep It Secure & Looking New

 *This post is sponsored

Women love their hair and, they believe that long beautiful hair makes them look even more glamorous. However, some of us do not have long beautiful hair, while others have short, thin hair, and even complete hair loss. In such cases, women prefer to wear wigs. If you have worn wigs, you might have understood how difficult it is to secure wigs and the struggles to keep it right.


Goodbye Summer - Featuring My Favorite Swimsuit

Champagne Boutique Try-on Session
Hi Everyone,

How to better say good-bye to summer than with a swimsuit try-on session. I know this one was highly requested but instead of a try-on session, I am sharing the hidden gem I found when I was actually not looking for swimsuit.


Elegance at its best: Dressing Room Try-On @Champagne Boutique

Hi everyone,

I don’t know what is happening to me today’s but I am experiencing the “blank page syndrome”. However, I am very excited to bring you our try-on session at ChampagneBoutique.


Special Edition: Back To School - Featuring Lady Aubrey & the Twins

Hi everyone,

Upon request, today the kids take over the blog with a mini back to school try-on session. I wanted to go to one of those boutiques for the session but since I wanted to include the twins; and thinking about the challenges that might incur with under 2-year old toddlers in a store I decided to do something home. I was telling myself that it was going to be quick, easy and short- big mistake: The twins were very agitated, they were of course happy to get dressed up and wear their new outfits but things got messy along the way:


Introducing New Services: Personal Shopping & Image Consulting

Hi Everyone,

As I have been hinting for the past 2 months, the wait is finally over. I am taking on a new venture and I hope that you can join me as I get on this new adventure. 


Local Fair @Aioli Restaurant promoting Women in entrepreneurship

Hi everyone,

As announced on my IG story last week, LaMoumous was invited to a local fair "Solde D'Été" 1st Edition @ Aioli Restaurant. I was invited by Bijou Lakay’s CEO and I am grateful for that opportunity as I was able to discover a lot of local designers that are doing an amazing job in our community. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming which was very helpful since it was the very first time that I was doing something like that. I had the opportunity to visit all the attending exhibitors and took over 200 pictures during the 2 hours spent over there. I am planning on visiting some of them for our try-on session. So stay tune.


Transitioning to Fall - Dressing Room Try-On Session @Glamur Boutique

Hi everyone,

Today, we have another try-on session and for this one, we were pleased to collaborate with Glamur Boutique. I was so looking forward to visit them because it was a long time coming; and knowing that they already received some of their fall collection was definitely worth the wait. Although, I live in the Caribbean and that it is still summer until late September, we can certainly rock most of those vibrant fall items.


Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring Collections Veve

 Hi Everyone,

After the feedback that I received, I decided to keep that segment promoting our local designers and the amazing work that they are doing in our community. Today, I am featuring VèVè Collections, a handmade handbag business operating in Haiti since 2006 and owned by Phelicia Dell. 


Healthy Hair Journey: My journey recap & routines

Google translate available below. Scroll down and select your preferred language if you wish to read this article in another language.
Hi Everyone,

Before we get started, if you are new to my blog, Welcome. Please read the latest update on my hair journey here if you haven't already. In that post I shared 20 tips on how to maintain and grow healthy hair. Today, I am trying to make a quick recap of my journey and my personal routines following your request and the latest poll I had on IG on that subject.


Summer Edition: Channeling the Lady in Me featuring Attitude by Lory Boutique Part II

Hi everyone,

As announced, here's part II of my try-on session at Attitude By Lory Boutique.  I wanted to separate the cocktail/elegant outfits from the most casual ones. 


Summer Edition: Channeling the Lady in Me Featuring Attitude by Lory Boutique Part I

 Hi everyone,

Today I am feeling so excited to share our try-on session at Attitude by Lory with you. I think that the pictures speak for themselves: we had fun to shoot them. Big shout out to my girl @vonvonphotography who made it so difficult for me to select the pictures for editing. I have done my best to narrow it down but had to schedule 2 posts to cover that session just to give a special attention to this one.


Lady In White featuring @AbyCotton Boutique

Hi everyone,

I found this outfit during my try-on session at Aby Cotton and I did try it just like every other outfits. However, during the selection prior to editing I found myself loving this outfit more and more. So you know what that means?


Summer Edition: Dressing Room Try-On Session @AbyCotton Boutique

Hi everyone,

Back with another try-on session. We only have 2 or 3 more left before we close the summer series. I hope that you enjoy this series as much as we (@vonvonphotography and I) had fun to shoot them.


Personalized Jewelry Featuring

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Get name necklace

Hi everyone,

Today yet I am collaborating with to bring you some more accessories options. For this post we will mostly chat about silver jewelry. I was glad when I received this collaboration request mostly because I am personally on the hunt for some nice and good quality couple's jewelry at a reasonable price.

Blue Stripes High Low top & Latest Blog Update

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing an outfit that I think would be perfect for brunch. I like that shade of blue. I found it so calming and so summery. I also like the high low cut of it and the fact that from the back you may think it is a dress when it is actually a top. I paired it with some wide legs white pants to keep it classy but there is so many more ways to wear it. Thoughts?


Genuine Leather Handbags Featuring Baginning Online Store

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Click here for more details

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to share some cute handbag finds with you in collaboration with Baginning. Baginning is an online website that sells handbags for women. Located in the UK, They have a great selection of genuine leather handbags


Made In Haiti: Back to My Roots featuring Creations Dorees

Hi Everyone:

This is supposed to be the last post in my "Made In Haiti" series but there are way more boutiques promoting our bold and rich culture that I am sue you will probably see more of them in the coming days. Today's post is the most challenging shoot I have done so far since I started blogging: I am very self-conscious about my feet but, encouraged by friends and family, I had to give it a try, because, Creations Dorées is a store that I admire since they launched. I only have one pair of sandals from their because of how insecure I feel about those "too flat" feet to be exposed. Anyway, enough about me and my insecurities...


Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring Bijou Lakay Boutique

Hi everyone,
Today is another try-on session promoting my Made In Haiti serie. And this time I visited Bijou Lakay.  BIJOU LAKAY is a daring and innovative fashion jewelry brand that holds true to Caribbean traditions, whilst creating unique and bold statement pieces guaranteed to turn heads.

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