My Perfect DIY Home Spa Day

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Hi everyone,

I love to pamper myself. It's no secret to anyone close to me. Whether it's just my ritual weekly visit at the beauty salon (now every other week) or just taking care of my hair and nails at home. Anything that has "Me" as the center of attention is pure joy to my heart.

So when I don't feel like going anywhere, I transform my bathroom into a spa. How do I do that? Simple, just follow the steps:

1- First, I lock myself up in the bathroom (Do Not Disturb Mood);

2- I put the appropriate playlist on: I do have a thing for Classical musics so I would surely go for :Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin & my all time favorite “les quatres Saisons” from Vivaldi. I just can't get enough of this masterpiece. It's about one hour long so you can play it over and over without getting bored (or that's what I do);

3- Once the mood is set, I light up my scented candles. My favorite scents are: light lavender, bergamot & sweet orange;

4- I try to relax and meditate;

 While they are so many things that you can do between pampering your hair or nails and so on... my two favorites things to do to pamper myself in such situation are:

a) I get a nice massage from the hubby or;

b) I take a long bath and intoxicate myself in my himalaya pink bath salt while the jaccuzzi is doing the divine job of massaging me. I sometimes do a natural face mask (avocado & raw honey).

To make sure that my spa day will be a success, I also make sure that:

1- I drink plenty of water - with a few slices of orange and lemon  (the perfect drink for your perfect spa day);

3-After the bath, I use some highly hydrated and relaxing body lotion. I usually go for  Bath&Body Works Moonlight path or country chic, light and sweet but they are specific brand made for that;

3- I get into my favorite bathrobe & read a fashion magazine followed by a nap; or I just skip the reading part and go straight to the "nap time".  
If you are planning an at home spa day and are thinking about changing up your hair color, check our Madison Reed's hair dye advisor! This will help you choose what color is best for you.

So, what would your perfect DIY Spa day looks like?  

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time,



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