Lady In Red - A Thursday Fashion File Link-Up

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing fine. I apologize one more time for the silent treatment. Lately, I am not sure what have gotten into me. I have about 13 post ready to publish but for some reason I am unaware of I was not able to push that "publish button". The good news is, I have scheduled about 5 of them so definitely more activities to come for the coming days...


Camel & Polka Dots

Hi Everyone,

I have never noticed that this blouse was see through until I had my photos taken. Funny right? I got this blouse during my early pregnancy but can't recall if I used to wear it with something underneath. I still wanted to share my outfit with you because I like the combo. The light colors of the skinnies, shoes and handbag with the navy polka dots blouse. Like the outcome, a perfect look to run errands on a Saturday. Thoughts?


My Chadwick Jacket

Hi Everyone,
I know, I know, I have a big head lol! Well this is basically what my hair look like when you just wash them, roller set followed by an overnight wrap. I must have them blow dry after rollers or flat ironed every 2 weeks to keep them straight and less puffy. I had to skip the beauty salon to experiment some of my homemade products.
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