Happy Weekend - Chambray Dress

Hi Everyone,
Happy Weekend! If you have been following along this week, you know I have been looking forward to get some sleep over the weekend. Funny enough, I am still up working on my post so I can co-host the "Style Saturday Link-up" with Megan.


Silver Polka Dot & Statement Gold Necklace

Hi Everyone,

Weekend is right around the corner and I just can't wait to sleep a few hours more on Saturday!


The Muse Dress - #BloggersWhoHaveInspiredMe

Hi everyone,
How was your weekend? I hope it went well... I love that wrap dress, so simple yet elegant. I really like the mix of patterns, the fabrics (it hugs you at the right places) and let's talk cleavage, shall we? I know that is another piece from my favorite local store but I don't know why I can't recall the story behind it. That is one of the dresses that you just have to put a pin to cover up with a blazer (here I went with one of my favorite denim jacket) for work and take both pin and jacket/blazer off after 5 for dinner or just a drink with the hubby or that special someone.... Thoughts?


Workflow- Floral & Stripes

 Hi Everyone,

The mixing of patterns can be quite challenging however the basic rules are pretty simple:
1- Make sure that you have 1 common dominant color
2- Do not mix 2 big or 2 bold prints together
3- Use your imagination
My favorites are floral&stripes and polka dots&stripes. I also like to wear a mix of different floral patterns. I just have to make sure that they have at least one color in common and avoid to put two statement pieces together. Here I added a touch of a hot yellow to brighten up the dark colors. Thoughts?


Workflow- Navy&Blush

Hi Everyone,
It's been a while. I have been pretty busy between work and some other new projects. I think I have been bragging about those new projects for a while now and hope to be able to share the details by next week (fingers crossed). I am just stopping by to share my work outfit with you. I think that this blush blazer makes a perfect combination with those navy pants and that striped shirt. 


Trend Alert: The Flamingo Prints & That Friday Blog Hop

Cropped top (here) ||| White&stripe swimsuit (here) ||| Brown swimsuit (here)||| Flats (here)|||

Hi Everyone,

One of the trendiest print of this summer is the flamingo print. Another excuses for me to wear something pink. I am dying for this flamingo print skirt and I think that it will actually look good with a flamingo tee like this one. Cute right? What about the swimsuit above?


Madras Plaid Bow Tie

Hi Everyone, 
How was your weekend? Another calm weekend on my side and a busy week ahead full of projects and expectations. Wishing you all a good week.
Back to fashion, I can't have enough of those menswear accessories and this bow tie is no exception, so feminine, so cute. I have decided to go with pastel colors. Thoughts?


The Jewelry Box Midi Skirt - A Labor of Life Link Up Party

Hi Everyone,

Another cutie from my Chicwish midi/maxi skirts collection. I really love the patterns of this one. It doesn't really need anything to complement it. Here, I went for a simple H&M blouse with nice accessories. I find this look very chic and classy. Thoughts?


The Hat with the Bow

Hi Everyone,

I love hats and I think they love me too... Until now, every style I try fits me :-). I own about 18 of them from summer/beach style to the dressy/girly style (I had replaced the traditional veil by a hat - remember my post here). Back to present, this is a perfect for a 10-11ham mass followed by a famous Sunday brunch. Thoughts?

The Black & White Suit

Hi Everyone,
Happy Monday! It is important to have some classic pieces in your closet because when you are evolving in an corporate environment you get caught off guard very often with unscheduled events to attend. So these pieces are so easy to wear and make you look like a million box. Here's another outfit from my favorite local store. Besides my Guess red sandals from Burlington, everything else came from there. Thoughts?


Happy 4th of July - My Farfetch Wishlist

Good day everyone,

It's the 4th of July Weekend! I know that most of you ladies would like to wear their stars&stripes. That being said, I believe that you can easily embrace  the theme without having to try too hard or to go crazy with the stars and stripes. Browsing through Farfetch online store, I came up with a perfect 4th of July casual look (not sure if I would wear those converse though). 


Monthly Outfit Recap - June 2015

Hi Everyone,

I think I had a nice fashion month in June. Also, I am feeling exited about how good July will be (fingers crossed). So talking about the month of June, my top five outfits for this past month: the Palazzo Pants & Blazer (here), A dress to remember (here), SELFIE (here), Back to the 60's (here) and the Trench Vest and Plaid Shirt (here). What were (was) yours? 
Comment below ;-) 


The Floral Cocktail Dress / Thursday Fashion Files

Hi Everyone,

I always have a story behind my great findings when it comes to fashion. I found that dress at my favorite local clothing store and I said to myself: Get it now & get it quick and with the tag price I knew it will not stay there forever unfortunately it was it was way too small for me at the time ( I gain and lose weight fast fortunately). So I left without the dress and with a broken heart. Then came the year end Sales and I was surprised to see it still available and marked 60% off. The store owner told me that everyone loved it but it was either too small or too large. So I took it even through the sales assistant reminded me of the fact that it was too small, I did not even bother to try it again. When I got home, I challenged myself to lose the weight and I actually worn it for Easter ( 3months later) Crazy what I can do when it comes fashion, right?
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