From bridesmaid dress To a fun summer date outfit

Dress: (WeddingtonWay) ||| Blazer (same) ||| Necklace (same) |||
Clutch (same) ||| Booties (same)||| 

Hello Everyone,

Some bridesmaid dresses are so cute there is no way you can just put them aside after that you have worn them at a wedding. So many options to play with and for many occasions. I personally love this one from Weddington Way. Here's some idea on how you can turn a cocktail length bridesmaid dress into a fun summer date outfit:
1- Wear it with a floral blazer (depends of the fabric) or a vest (denim vest is a good option here);
2- Make sure you have a statement necklace and some other nice pieces of jewelry on;
3- Wear your favorite flats or an edgy booties (whatever makes you feel more comfortable or sexy);
5- Don't forget your favorite clutch.-

Lip Liner (same) ||| Lipstick (same)||| Nail polish (same)|||
Perfume (same)|||

Since I am pretty sure you will spend most part of the day between the beauty salon and the bathroom, make sure to:

5- wear your favorite perfume;
6- And your lipstick (kiss resistant a plus);
7- Make sure your nails are well done so you don't feel uncomfortable to holding hands;
8- Not forget your mascara (water resistant in case you get emotional/you never know) and your eye liner;
9- Not overuse make-up just be yourself as much as you can;

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time.

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