Good morning everyone,

Blue is certainly not my favorite color (I am a miss Pinky) but I wanted to try this floral blazer with a blue blouse. I was thinking of a white pants but today was a very busy day so I stick with the blue not to turn my white pants into dark... lol. I like the result with the hint of white and green. thoughts?


Trench Vest & Plaid Shirt

Hi Everyone,
TGIF! I was really not in a good mood today until I received some good news... Stay tune as I might get some news...

This is another favorite plaid shirt along with this one here. I love that I can match it with almost all my skinnies (white, red, pink, orange, green....). I decided to go with white today because I wanted to wear it with my trench vest. A classy, elegant yet casual look for a peaceful Friday. Thoughts? 


Back to the 60's

Hi everyone,

Hope you all doing great. I love ModCloth online store. They have so many pretty outfits with a large options of vintage yet stylish clothing. I got that dress three years ago for my birthday and I am so not ready to get rid of it. As a coincidence, both the shoes and the cardigan are also from ModCloth. Thoughts


The DRESSLINK Wishlist

Blouse (here) ||| Leopard Loose pants (here)|||Faux Leather Moto Jacket (here)|||Clutch (here)|||

Hi everyone,
I am happy I came across Dresslink online store (actually they have found me) because they have so many pretty little things at an affordable price and they ship worldwide. They also have many payment options including option for non credit/debit cards owner such as Western Union. So if you are on a budget and still want to keep up with fashion, make sure you check them out. 



Hi Everyone,

How are you ? I will be very short today. For a summer brunch or just a casual date, Go Glamour: graphic tee and tulle skirt with a denim jacket. Have you noticed my "selfie" floral graphic tee (lol)?  And the bow waistband in the tulle skirt? lol - You got to love this! Thoughts?

A Dress To Remember

Hi Everyone,

How are you today? You should know by now that I am a fan of all pretty little things when it comes to fashion including and not limited to: "all bling out"; one of a kind, extravagant, weird, cute, over the top, colorful, playful .. lol

I felt immediately in love when I saw this cutie at my favorite local store. They only had one available and it was my size but unfortunately too expensive. Then came the sales season and I was surprised to see that it was still available with a 50% off discount and the store owner gave me an additional 20% because we both know that not anyone will be comfortable enough to wear such an outfit. I have worn it once for a casual chic soiree and it has been sitting in my closet ever since- about 4 or 5 years now-.


Neon Pink & Camel

Hello Everyone,

I know I have disappeared for a while now but I was seriously thinking to stop blogging. Funny, right? Since I lost my camera, I felt kind of depressed - I wish I could afford another one right away but this is not a priority for now. Fortunately, I have came across some amazing people who, without knowing it, have encouraged me to pursue this journey. Thank you for all the great comments and feedback. I am also feeling existed for 2 amazing opportunities:


Something Old & Something New

Hello Everyone,
So my something new is the anchors bucket bag from Tommy Hilfiger. I like the red anchors all over it and it also reminds me of my mom's. She used to have similar handbags when I was a little girl.
My something old is one of my favorite cropped blazer from CWC (ColdWater Creek). I like the floral/abstract pattern with the gold embellishments. I wish they could bring the old CWC back. 

Palazzo Pants & Blazer

 Hi Everyone,
Navy blue, red and white are colors when combined together create one of the most famous classic combo. You can never go wrong when them. Since I think that sometime it tend to give a strict look, I have tried to make it fun by switching the classic pair of navy pants or pencil skirt with this high-waisted palazzo pants. I really like the delicateness of the floral pattern and the fabric of this pant.
This is definitely an outfit that I can easily go to work by day and will feel comfortable enough to run errands after work hours: I just have to take the blazer off and that's it!.The bucket bag and the red sandals will still keep it elegant yet casual. And a pair of flats would have also been welcome.  So, what's your favorite classic colors combo?


Black&White with a pop of Yellow

Hello Everyone,
So I have lost my brand-new professional camera after waiting so long and only 2 weeks after I received it. I was just starting to learn how it works and the first try was not so great (as seen here). I will spare you the details but all I can say I can't blame anyone but myself (Sniff, Sniff). So I've been "off the radar" for a while and was hoping to come back with something new but I guess I have ruined the surprise.


On The Field: Moto Vest

 Happy Hump day,

I was hesitant between an utility jacket and this light blue moto jacket for my visit to a construction project for work and since I am not a jean or sneakers kind of  girl, the white pants seem to look better with the soft blue of the moto vest and the nude linen top. I was lucky enough that it rained the day before so there was no dust. Comfort side, I worn my Vince Camuto booties. they are so cute and comfortable. I think I am looking good in a helmet (lol). Thoughts?


Monthly Outfit Recap - May 2015

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great month of May. June is here and so does the time to take your bikini off of the closet. Summer time is here:-) :-) :-). It's also the beginning of the Hurricane Season. Are you ready? Check this link out for more info and tips to be prepared for the hurricane season.
And my top five outfit for the month of May were: (The Birthday Girl ), (Splashes of Color ), (Fit & Flare Dress ), (Classic Tie & Suspenders) and (Stripes & Cropped Cardigan ). What was/were yours?
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