First Communion Season

Hello Ladies,

The 1st Communions Season is here along and so is Spring! and  also not to forget that Summer is also right around the corner. I know we all love those outdoor parties where we eat, and eat and eat. Oh ok! we do dance and chat as well. I think that a 1st communion is a christian event that should be celebrated among family and close friends. Again, that's a personal opinion.

Back to Fashion, I generally notice that the "bodycon dress" or those mini stretchy dresses (or so I call them "sausage covers") are the first pick for a lot of people but we must agree that they are inappropriate for the occasion and I also think that most of them look very cheap (In my country, store owners brought them abroad for $5-$10 and resell them for $500-100). The real bodycon dress is made out of a very thick material which hug your body in a very sexy way without being indecent. And they also have enough fabric for a regular length.

Since this event usually happen between 2-4pm, there is a range of option to play with and it's actually the perfect season to play with your polka dots, floral or stripes. A few recommendation:
 1- The cocktail dress
2- The midi or maxi skirt or dress
3- The classic fit & flare dress
5- dressed pants (lately I noticed a lot of nice trousers&culottes that can be paired with nice shirt/blouse and blazer)

 Here's a few picks that I had created on my Polyvore:

The Diva look. This is more appropriate for a brunch. Remember as per protocol, you must take off the hat after 2pm

Also, have you noticed how cute the Chichi London dresses are? They are available at ASOS and ModCloth. I personally love this one here and here and here.

A few picks for you: 

So what is your perfect look to attend a first communion reception? 

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,


  1. The 6th outfit is my best.
    you wanted to see the full yellow floral dress, here is the link to the post

    1. yeah, I found it. gorgeous dress. I think I am going to order it :-)
      thanks for stopping by.


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