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Let's talk makeup today, shall we? Nowadays, we all love makeup and most of the time we spend hours to admire the art of a makeup artist and wonder if we will never be able to do such and such pattern when watching what they usually do; We also try hard and struggle to see that we are never even close to what they accomplish by just playing with a few brushes and stuff (a way of talk, I agree that they do magic with these brushes). Today I will share a list of must-have in your makeup bag that will allow you to get great results without having to envy them for being gifted of the art of flawless makeup (keep in mind that the result will be clean and neat but not exact same, they have a degree, remember?)!
My friends are usually surprised to see the size of my makeup bag but let us agree "basics" doesn't necessarily means 1, 2 3. So, let's see what you can find in my daily beauty bag:

Besides my brushes sets here's my top 12 must have make up items:
  • The Make up Primer (I use M.A.C. prep & prime)
  • The Concealer (M.A.C)
  • The foundation (Fashion Fair stick or Origins)
  • The powder (Bare Minerals, Origins or Fashion Fair)
  • The eye shadow primer (Urban Decay)
  • The eye shadows (no preference, but I do love a few selections from M.A.C, Avon, Bourgeois and Christian Dior)
  • The eye liner (Rimmel London Scandal Eyes)
  • Your favorite mascara (a girl best friend)
  • The blush (Bourjois & Fashion Fair)
  • The bronzer (Avon)
  • The lip balm (burt's bees)
  • Your favorite lipstick (for me anything black or M.A.C. cyber)
I use to skip 2 & 5 for work,but you can also skip 6 if you are in the run or if you are not sure how to apply it.

However, if you are going out or just wanting to look particularly fabulous then take time on each of the 12 steps. If you want to look even more glamorous then consider hair or Lash Extensions. These brilliant additions can transform your whole look and will allow you to be creative with your makeup too. By adding lash extensions you will find that your face is highlighted differently and you may want to bring more focus onto your eyes with bolder choices for your eye shadow and liner. Remember that looking fantastic should feel fun so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of lash and hair extensions until you find one that you really love. 

Your makeup can change too and I recommend having a few options so you don’t get bored with the colours and you can try out exciting new combinations whenever you have time to properly apply makeup. The style you wear for work does not need to be the same as the look you have for a night out or a more formal celebration like a wedding or anniversary.

Now the brushes Brushes. To apply your makeup correctly you must use appropriate brushes to blend everything in properly (I sometimes use my fingertips to apply eye shadows)...

My top 12 Brushes
What are they for?

I have been testing the video blog for a while now and I think within the next couple days I will be publishing a few videos featuring my daily makeup routine, hair styling and more. I just can't wait to publish my first vblog. Hope you have enjoyed the ride. Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time,




  1. Thank you for this post. I am still learning my way in the makeup world and this was a great beginners post.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. you are very welcome. Thank you for reading :-)

  2. Hi Moumous thanks for sharing some tips. Also there's the Beautyblender, The Ultimate Makeup Sponge Applicator that can be used to blend foundation and concealer. Some makeup artist use it to apply the skinn finish powder for best result, having a face very soft and natural. I'm sharing the link:
    Much love, xoxoxo

  3. I've been using the Beautyblender for a while. They're really perfect to blend your make up for best result and really esay to manipulate. Can't wait for your videos.
    Much love , xoxoxo

    1. thank you for sharing. I do use the sponge as well but I couldn't find a picture with everything on it. So I cut the last pictures to match the first brushes pictures will post videos soon :-)

  4. Moumous, you say we can skip the concealer for a routine makeup or work right?? But there are some days, you don't sleep really well or enough and you have some sport under the eyes. Concealer in that case is a miracle. I don't use foundation everyday only for special occasion i prefer on my routine BB cream is moore light and natural look finish for those who don't like to use a lot of makeup. My collection Maybelline, Esthee Lauder, Clarins Paris,Avon.
    The eye primer helps your shadow to stay longer. In my case, when i don't use it, the colour really disappear really fast.
    Can't wait for the video, XOXOX

  5. i used the eye primer Millani and NYX. Urban Decay is on my whishlist. Peraphs i also used the skin finish ultra loose powder Urban decay and Mineral Skin finish natural Dark from MAC when i completely done with my makeup and the spray Finishing Mixt from MAC. Most of all it's definitely when i want a special, a stunning look. Not my routine makeup. Much love..


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