Fun Moto Jacket

Hello ladies!

Is it Friday yet? I like moto jackets but I have something special for the one I am wearing here. It looks so fun yet so versatile.You can't be shinier than that though... Talking about versatility, I like the fact that I can wear it with black, dark orange, royal blue and white etc. As I was in a rush and couldn't find my way in my messy closet ( I got to fix this asap), I went for a black classic pants and a pair of booties.


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Photos by Farah_Jane Edited by Me


  1. Wow! This moto jacket is beautiful and vibrant-perfect for spring. I love that you paired it with an all black look. The jacket would even look great with a midi cobalt dress. Happy Friday, Moumous--enjoy your weekend!

    1. I 100% agree with the midi cobalt dress idea... I should get one immediately!!! . I worn it with a cobalt ankle pant once but now I must find the midi dress loool....
      Thanks for the comment. XOXO,Moumous

  2. gorgeous jacket! so perfect for the spring!

    <3 rhea @


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