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Hello girlfriends,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend... Have you recently noticed that all the oldies are coming back and surprisingly we are just crazy about the way they have revamped all of these pieces. Talking about oldies and fashion, I recently came across and they have some pretty affordable and fashion-forward clothing.

As usual, whenever I find a new shopping website I promptly make my wishlist (hoping I will wake up the next day with all of them in my closet, lol). Today, I am sharing a few picks of this very long wishlist of mine :-)


Jogger pants & Blazer

 Hello Ladies,

What a busy week? Sorry for the silent treatment but I have been pretty busy lately between work and a few projects that I am working on for LaMoumous Blog. 


Boots & Skinnies

Happy Hump Day!

I looove boots. Might look strange coming from a Caribbean girl but honestly, have you thought of how sexy they are (lol)? Lucky me, there are all kind of boots and for each season of the year ;-). I really like the combination of the Southwestern Print Keyhole Blouse with the skinnies and the boots. Thoughts?
  I was supposed to release this post sometime between December and January. These are the first pictures taken after that I have finally decided to start blogging. Unfortunately, they needed some rework and I had no Photoshop aptitude at the time (and honestly until now, thanks to hubby:-)). These pictures was taken on a Friday where I paid a visit to 2 of my partners in crime, one of them is the photographer here. I am not sure who is worst among us between her and her passion for photo shoot and my love for posing :-).  I dedicate this post to my "bouboule" Farah_Jane.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, 

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Photos by Farah_Jane Edited by Hubby & I


Fun Moto Jacket

Hello ladies!

Is it Friday yet? I like moto jackets but I have something special for the one I am wearing here. It looks so fun yet so versatile.You can't be shinier than that though... Talking about versatility, I like the fact that I can wear it with black, dark orange, royal blue and white etc. As I was in a rush and couldn't find my way in my messy closet ( I got to fix this asap), I went for a black classic pants and a pair of booties.


Thanks for Stopping by.


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Photos by Farah_Jane Edited by Me


Top 12 - My basics for MAKEUP

Hello Divas,

Let's talk makeup today, shall we? Nowadays, we all love makeup and most of the time we spend hours to admire the art of a makeup artist and wonder if we will never be able to do such and such pattern when watching what they usually do; We also try hard and struggle to see that we are never even close to what they accomplish by just playing with a few brushes and stuff (a way of talk, I agree that they do magic with these brushes). Today I will share a list of must-have in your makeup bag that will allow you to get great results without having to envy them for being gifted of the art of flawless makeup (keep in mind that the result will be clean and neat but not exact same, they have a degree, remember?)!


Sweater & Pencil Skirt - Style to Inspire Link-up

 Hello Ladies,

Hope you had a good weekend, I always enjoy my weekend whenever it starts with a happy hour Fridays evening and my regular Beauty Salon & Spa the next day and ends with quality time with family and friends that brings us to the obvious conclusion, yes I had a great weekend. How about yours? Hope you had a good one.  Happy Monday and be safe!

 Today post is a very classic look. I love the animal prints in this very soft sweater and the fabric of this pencil skirt.

Photos by Farah_Jane Edited by Hubby

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Royal Blue Blazer & Leopard Print Cami

Hello Ladies,

How have you been? Another busy week for me so I can wait for the weekend to come.... 

I am a pink lady, all shades of pink and its derivatives,  from fushia to baby pink from corail to orange etc... I also love all shades of purple (who doesn't love purple), white and black and I usually pair them with other colors such as neutral, red, brown and grey. Lately, I've come to discover that I never pay attention to blue and green. I mean don't get me wrong, I had a few pieces here and there in my closet but nothing much and no special attention was given to them. I first started to discover the shade of green with mint & hunter green. I love the freshness of the mint color of a nice leggins or blouse and the elegance of the rich tint of hunter green (as seen here). As for the blue, who doesn't wear blue and what is more classic than a nice navy blue suit or blazer, a must have in a professional's closet but we must admit that navy blue is not the only nice shade of that color. So I developed a special relationship with light blue (as seen here) and royal blue (as featured above). I had once received a pair of royal blue ankle pants that I recently found in my closet, I was amazed to see how this color looks good on me and also how it can be paired with black or white, white or camel, nude or yellow etc... Today's outfit combined a nice royal blue blazer with a leopard  print cami (we tend to pair a leopard print with red) and I am pretty pleased with the results. Thoughts?


Thanks for stopping by. Until next time


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Photos by Farah_Jane Edited by hubby & I 


Chambray Shirt and Bow Tie

Hello Ladies,

If you know me well, you probably notice that I looove to mix menswear items with pieces in my wardrobe. I think a woman with a tie, or a bow or a man shirt is sexy. It is all about how you play with them.  As girly as I am, I personally love everything in a man closet from those ties to those braces and cuff links to those vests and hats :-)


Midi Skirt and Blouse

 Good Morning Divas:

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. On my side, nothing fancy. Just enjoying the good company of family and good friends . Love is all that matter after all, right? oh and of course, my new hobby: blogging!....

Talking about fashion, here I am again with one of those great midi skirts. I particularly like the texture of this one. You can match it with almost everything and above all I love the feeling of touching it :-). So here, I decided to go with a more casual look.... The blouse is from H&M pretty casual. I got it 2 years ago and I recently found it somewhere in the closet... 

On another note, my hubby is learning how to use the Photoshop tools to help me editing the pictures. I would have done it myself but patience is definitely not one of my qualities (lol) so it is better this way. We have made a few trial and we are almost there. I think you will see more progress within the next couple weeks. 

skirt available here

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Until next time,

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Photo by Farah_Jane Edited by Hubby & I
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