My Shopping Wish List (Current Cravings)


Good day everyone,

Hope all of you spent the last two (2) days safe home. Today was surprisingly pretty calm in the office (very unusual). While I really don't like the fact that, we, Haitian people tend to express ourselves through violence, I was very glad to take a few days off from work to think about my options... Talking about options, my baby girl is turning 1 soon and I have just ordered all the latest fashion trend available on (now 25% off everything) & If you have a baby or a toddler, take a look at those websites, they do accept our local credit card. Are you looking for inspiration for you little angels, just leave me a comment below.
So as we used to say in  French "La charité bien ordonnée commence par soi", I took the opportunity to review my shopping wishing lists. Have you guys noticed these days that there are so many pretty things on those Asian websites. Seriously, I can't help but keep ordering over and over.... If you want an idea about my wish lists you can find a few of them below (click on the links below):

I do have many more but I will try to keep you safe from my addiction but one more thing before I go: if you are on the classy yet fashion forward side, take a look at this shopping website, you won't regret it: . I got my birthday dress 2 years ago there - See for yourself. I actually got the dress, the cardigan and the shoes from them (sorry but the quality of the pictures are not so good).

Would you be interested to get more tips on how to shop online or to have a list of all my shopping websites that can help you save money while looking good. Kindly comment below, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you for reading.



  1. thanks for sharing!.i was thinking of a makeover after loosing the baby fat and these tips will certainly help.i was wondering if you could share some tips about how you care for your clothes.What is your routine and what do you use to keep them fresh for a few years?

    1. For my clothes first of all, if it is not a white outfit or a pastel shade I don't wash them after one use unless it is necessary. Second, you need to read the instruction that are in the tags inside of the clothing. They indicate which way is best to clean your clothes (hand wash, dry cleaning/ ironing ...). I also make sure that avoid harsh cleaning product that tend to fade/turn white the fabric. At last, clothing made out of sensitive fabric must go to dry cleaning for appropriate care. I know that people in the States love to use their washing machine. I personally have nothing against it because sometimes it's a life saver but it will ruining the and will not make them last longer.

      Now If you are thinking about remaking your wardrobe, you will need to do some smart shopping. Some items definitely need your attention on the quality and fabric while others are not too demanding. That will also help to keep them fresh for many years. I do have clothes that are 6-8 years old + that I still get compliment whenever I decide to wear them.... I have another post coming in a few days on smart shopping. Stay tune:-)


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