More Tips on how to treat your hair

   Hey Ladies,

How are you today? I want to share some tips on how I keep my hair healthy. After my pregnancy I challenged myself not to have to a cut because of hair loss and I WON. I see a lot of women struggling with unhealthy hair and all of them have either one of the following issues: 

1- Wrong shampoo and conditioner (too many harmful chemicals)
2- Blow-dryers and straightening irons
3- Bad/Poor diet

Here are a more tips on how to better treat your hair.... 

What you should know, coarse hair is prone to dryness and requires special care to maintain overall health. So it is essential to use gentle shampoos and regular conditioning treatments that do not contain harsh sulfates. These sulfates are known to strip hair of all nutrients leaving the hair weak and vulnerable to outside conditions. Shampoos containing sulfates should be used for clarifying only. A clarifying shampoo should be used once a month to remove excess oil and dandruff build up, if necessary. When you choose a shampoo be sure to check the label for any harsh sulfates. The following sulfates are gentle and will not damage your hair:

1. Polyoxethylene Fatty Alcohols 
2. PEG 80
3. Sorbitan Laurate
4. Decyl Polyglucose
5. Cocamidoprpyl Betaine 
6. Sodium Myreth Sulfate 
7. Sodium Laureth Sulfate

The following sulfates are very harsh on hair and should only be included in a clarifying shampoo:

8. Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
9. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
10. TEA Laureth Sulfate
11. TEA Lauryl Sulfate
12. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

Always remember that constant use of hot styling tools, frequent shampooing, vigorous or frequent brushing, and too many products can all lead to breakage and thinning hair. A few tips on how to be kind to your hair:

Please (the DON'T): 
  1. Never pull on or fiddle roughly with hair. 
  2. Avoid brushing too vigorously. 
  3. Avoid shampooing too frequently, particularly hair that is naturally dry. 
  4. Limit your use of heated styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons. 
  5. Avoid perms and other harsh chemical treatments that can cause hair loss (It is recommend to have your hair relaxed every 10 weeks, if you can wait 12 weeks it's even better). 
  6. De-tangle your hair using a comb with thick, wide teeth. 
  7. Skip hairstyles that pull on your hair and cause breakage, including very tight ponytails and severe buns. 
But Please (the DO): 
  1. Post relaxer care is most important to be sure the hair is not left in a vulnerable condition susceptible to severe breakage. Be sure to condition on a regular basis using a moisture and protein regimen. 
  2. If you are not sure about how you balance your diet or simply doesn't have time to, think about taking hair & nails supplements. Currently, I am taking Biotin as a postpartum treatment (here) but on a regular basis you can take Forkapil or Nutricap available at a few drugstores in PV. 
  3. Make your own protein treatment from home with just an egg and your regular conditioner. Apply the mixture to your hair and cover with a plastic cap for 60 minutes. 
  4. If you are going to a beauty salon, the egg can be pretty messy so follow these steps prior your salon appointment: one banana & 1 tablespoon of olive oil (or extra virgin olive oil), blend together and apply to dry, unwashed hair. Cover with a shower cap for about 15-20 mins then rinse out.

Do not hesitate to email me or simply comment below should you have questions. Email me for a free consultation or simply for more tips on how to better treat your hair at

Thank you for reading. See you real soon,




  1. Hi Moumous thanks for the tips.
    A friend of my recommend to use this product luster activator moisturizer to hydrate the hair to have healthy hair. she said the hair is like a plant to use everyday or twice in the week. should i??
    There's the link:

    1. You didn't ask Moumous but I thought I'd point out that this is for natural hair or curly hair. If you have a relaxer on, this will keep it from staying straight.
      I used the S-curl products when I first started going natural. It's really good if you have natural hair. I wouldn't use it otherwise

    2. Thanks, This is exactly what I answered to my friend Jorgie but for some reason I am not sure of I made a new comment instead of a reply. Next time, it will be nice to leave at least your first name, it will be more friendly :-)

  2. Hello Jorgie, I don't recall you had curly hair (using curling products). A different of treatment is required to treat a chemical relaxed hair .If you are using Duke or X-Curl or any similar product or if you have natural hair this product is ok. Now if you have relaxed hair and looking into options to hydrate and have a healthy looking hair, I would recommend the virgin coconut oil (I got mine at ObonSoin). It can be used everyday, before shampoo and in your after shampoo hair mask. While the coconut oil is perfect for any type of hair and can fix almost any hair issue you might also want to do some reconstructive treatment and Kerastase has a very large option....

  3. Thanks for the tips Moumous. I guess i will stop using it. I order the Biotine via Amazon. The virgin coconut oil is a liquid or tablets to hydrate the hair?

  4. coconut oil is an oil. you can find it at Obonsoin. You will have to heat it up a bit to liquefy the mixture and you are good to go!

  5. I put stoken color (rinse colorant) on my hair, i'm on my second use . This product doesn't damage hair that's what the people said at the beauty salon. Will you recommend it??

  6. they generally don't damage hair. to be on a safe side take a look a the list of ingredients to see if there is any harsh chemicals... Cellophane from Sebastian Product are the most recommended :-)


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