Green on Green - Work Outfit

Hey Guys,
 Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was very calm and I already miss it since work has turned into my worst nightmare for the past 2 months....
Now, let's talk fashion. I really like this blouse I mean the bow in the blouse... Found it while I was doing some window shopping after Thanksgiving at NY&C. I guess I wasn't just doing window shopping after all. Not only I got the blouse, I also got this gorgeous necklace and the watch (pictured). For this look, I paired it with a similar color blazer with dark grey pants. I went for a light color pair of shoes to complement the gold/yellow in the blouse. A very casual look for a peaceful day at work. Thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. I really love the blouse. I would never know how to wear it but now that i see how well it goes with the jacket love it.


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