Beach Bound Part II

Hello girlfriends,

I wish I could have the rest of the week off  Don't you? ;-) Unfortunately, it's time to go back to real life.  Wish you all a good day!

I love maxi skirts. Some of them are perfect for the beach. I have worn this outfit to do some local tourist. Thoughts?

Found this dress in a blowout sale and I was wondering what to do with a dress so short until then.

Happy Me, Happy World:

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Let's talk bathing suits, A Must, if you love to enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun. Swimming suits are very expensive and if you are someone who loves this kind of getaway, you will need more than one of them. I got these at a bargain price and they are made of very good materials. I love the one with the pink bow ;-)

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Hope you have enjoyed my post today. Until next time....



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