Jumpsuit & Blazer

Hi Everyone,

My resolution of the year is to be more assiduous with my new hobby "Fashion Blogging". While I've done my best on the photo-shoot part, I am still struggling with Photoshop. So just to break the silence, I am sharing this fun outfit with you. Hope to master this tool soon...


Fashion Tips - Dress Code

Hi Everyone,

Do you know the difference between black tie and white tie dress codes?
There are various formal and informal options for dress codes. You could use the dress code, among other things, to add to the atmosphere of an event. Your choice should match the target group, the corporate culture, the objective and how the event is otherwise interpreted. I wanted to share a few tips because I think that nowadays we tend to lose the concept and go for any jersey and/or shirt fabric  at any event.


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A Statement at " Digicel Entrepreneur de L'Année 2014"

Hi Everyone,
Once you master the dress code concept, I believe you can do magic. If you are not sure, the little black dress is the way to go for almost every occasion. I said almost because you will agree that we will need much more for a black tie or white tie event. 
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