Happy Holidays Season

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It's been a while. It has been very challenging to put things together so the blog can take its normal course. I think I will have plenty of stuff to share with you on January. For now, I am just sharing some thoughts on how to garnish your wardrobe while keeping your saving account safe. People usually asked me how do I do to always look good and always have something new on. My secret is simple:

1- I treat my clothes well so they last forever. I wear them once or two and keep them safe in my closet for 1-2 years then I pull them out and the result comes out amazing unless it is a statement piece where of course people still remember it. To do so, you need to make sure that those pieces are classic and timeless because we surely want to always be on top of fashion

2- Avoid shopping in Haiti as less as possible. Let's be honest, the Haitian market will kill you with expensive clothes where the quality is not always there. Of course, it is ok to do some shopping from time to time. I usually enjoy shopping at Chrystel, Desgriffes, La Renommée, Bizous Boutique, Just Cito. 2 of the stores listed above are private stores so quality & uniqueness of the pieces are guaranteed. This also applied to individuals that sell clothes where they offer you credit and make you believe that you are getting huge discount. If the discount does not come from the manufacturer or the people that owns the brand that means "they got you"

3- I think that when you are on vacation and you decide to travel, it should be to have fun not to run all the malls in the City you are visiting for shopping. My experience proves that it is very difficult to make great buy when you are at the Mall and your head is getting bigger and bigger simply by looking at the mall map usually available at the entrances with the list of available stores. Honestly, most of the times you will end up with nothing special and you there won't be no pride of the result.

Now you will probably be asking me what/where should I do/go? The answer is simple. Online shopping. Some people will say that it doesn't work for them. But trust me, for doing so for myself for the past 7-8 years and for friends and family members I can guarantee that if you go by the rules, the results can be amazing. I ordered my wedding dress online about 4 years ago and it came out amazingly. See for yourself:

 In the coming days, I will be sharing tips on how to master my favorite hobby which is "shopping". I will also share my daily outfits with a tentative to identify where I got them :-) As a bonus for the holiday seasons, here are 5 shopping websites from my list, feel free to browse, to call me 509 3441 0899 or email me at or by simply clicking on this link here lamoumous for tips and advice on how to look good everyday.

1- For a classy and timeless look:  Modcloth
2- Those skirts I know you will love try: MisguidedChicWish
3- White tie  & Gala you can try: NYLightIntheBox

Until next time, where  I will be sharing things that you should know before you click the "order" button, I would like to wish you all my best wishes for the Holidays Seasons.

Thanks for Stopping by!


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