Why I fell in love with this gown : The purple Gown @Lilophia Boutique

Happy Weekend everyone,

I love the color purple. I think purple is the color that complement my skin tone the most, along with pink which make them my top favorites colors. I also like white, nude and black. However, I always get complimented when I wear red and blue and everything explained itself when you understand the color "purple" itself.


5-ish Ways to Wear a White Denim Bottom

Hi everyone,

A white jeans can be a challenge but when does right it will bring that extra confidence you need to take your outfit to a higher level. Am I making sense here?


Summer Edition: Dressing Room Try-On Session @ Lilophia Boutique

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well under the high summer heat. On my side, I had fun shooting at Lilophia Boutique last week. The sales executives over there are nice and the owner is a very sweet person; unfortunately, we did not get a chance to take a picture together this time...


Casual Work Outfit : Fit & Flare Dress & Silk Scarf

 Hi Everyone,

Today's post was supposed to be a big announcement for me as of where I am heading in my blogging journey. However, I decided that I have some more homework to do before sharing that big news with you. But please be patient, I should be ready to tell within the next week or two.


Another Summer Dress & Thursday Fashion Files Link Up Party

Hi Everyone,

I love a maxi piece of clothing: a great maxi skirt (as seen here) or dress (another post here) is a staple piece in one girl closet. They are so versatile and can be worn to many occasion: running errands, casual events, beach events (hello, IG pictures!) and of course, my favorite to brunch 😀😃😄


Casual Chic & Brunch Date: Dressing Room Try-On Session@ La Renommée Boutique

Hi everyone,

I hope your week starts off well. Today I'm exited to bring you another another dressing room try on at La Renommée Boutique. Before we begin, I must mention that this is one of my favorite boutiques to shop. I genuinely enjoy shopping there, this is my go to place for almost 15 years now whenever I have those fancy events. They never disappoint. Keeping Summer in mind, I tried a few pieces that I think would be perfect for brunch date, morning and afternoon event or for any casual chic occasion.


What to Wear to a Formal or Semi-Formal Event- Sponsored by Michele Boutique

When you get a party invitation for a “formal” event, it can be pretty confusing to decipher what that means. Is it cocktail-wear? Or black tie? And what does black tie even mean when it comes to ladies-wear?
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