5 Things to do before Fall Arrives

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are making the best of the week . With Fall less than a week away, it's important to treat ourselves to those little things that will soon be impossible to do during starting mid/late fall. I live in the caribbean but in the mountains so I always ensure that I make the most of fall whenever the weather is suitable. So as we are saying goodbye to Summer, here's 5 things that you  can do to end it beautifully. Click on the link to read.


5 "Must Know" everyday Style Rules

Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday! I hope you are doing fine. Kids are back to school and I am now trying to find my way with this new "back to normal" life. Not that I am complaining because I am so happy that the kids are back to school mostly for the twins. They have been specially restless for the past few weeks. Anyway, I always enjoy sharing style tips with you ladies and  lately I have been doing so a lot.  So if at any stage you feel confused by all the information I have been sharing simply focus on the following 5 basic tips. They will make your life so much easier. Also, please remember to always be you, do you as much as you are happy. However, those tips would help if sometimes you wake up in the morning and you don't have anything to wear, or you have a lot of clothing pieces in your wardrobe and still don't know what to wear or how to wear them. I hope that today's post can help you improve your everyday getting dressed experience.


Fall 2020 Fashion Trend

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My last post was all about my disappointment on the lack of creativity fashion wise for this coming fall. I know that some of you might say I have no mercy with everything  that is happening in the world right now but honestly it has been a disappointment - way before COVID-19. Since I am in a good mood, I went back and tried to identify some of the trends I can see me wearing this fall while we are struggling to accomodate to the new "normal life". So for today here's my top 10 picks.


Fall Wardrobe Essentials 2020

Hi everyone, 

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to talk about the fashion trends for Fall 2020 but there hasn't any major change in the fashion industry since Spring 2020. How boring yet it's understandable with everything that has been going on in the world lately? The good news is you don't have to splurge to add new pieces to your wardrobe if you already own all your wardrobe essentials. Fall colors have been a big trend for the past Spring/Summer so it's easy to simply layer your cute summer dresses with some of your favorite Fall wardrobe must haves. Just be creative: Add a blazer on top of that cute summer dress, add a belt and your fedora hat, a pair of booties and you are ready to go. So for today's post, I am sharing my 10 must-haves fall wardrobe pieces.


5 reasons why I love my Adidas Supernova Running Shoes

*This post is sponsored by Adidas USA. However, all opinions are my own.

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With running and walking replacing my regular gym training session, staying motivated is a challenge. For me, the ultimate motivation source to stay active during this dark and uncertain time is how I look and feel in my athleisure gear. Not a huge fan of flats in general so finding the perfect pair of running shoes that are not only suitable for the job but also give me the confidence I need to feel good and pretty is everything.  Lately, I have been using those Adidas running shoes and they checked all the boxes for me as far as comfort, style, and stability. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love these running shoes:


10 Fashion Tips of all time

Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday everyone! How have you been? It has been pretty busy here but I miss you ladies so much. I had to change my routine to fit into my new "lifestyle" and I am struggling to get it right when it comes to blogging. The good news is: I am back. I will probably post twice a week instead of 3 for the next 2 weeks until I get my way around this new busy schedule of mine. I will tell you more about this new "schedule" later but for today, I want to share 10 fashion advice I believe can make your life easier when it comes to dressing up everyday.



Hi everyone,

Back to school is right around the corner, if it hasn't knocked at your door already. This pandemic creates a lot of chaos and we are just trying to make the most of it not to lose our mind or the time that is passing by and is never coming back. With that said, schools and the Ministry of Education are doing their best to recover as much as possible therefore some children are already going to school for 2 weeks now, some are still waiting for their turn while others plan on continuing online schooling. If you are a parent that has children that are physically going back to school then this post might be able to help - hoping that it doesn't come too late. 
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