Made In Haiti with Les Tresors de Gerry @ Haiti Tresors Boutique Part I

 Hi everyone,
As announced in my local fair issue (available here), I have scheduled a few more in-store session with a few other local entrepreneurs promoting our culture. For today, I am sharing our visit at Haiti Tresors mostly featuring "Les Tresors de Gerry collections".


The Dress that Eve would wear Today - featuring Champagne Boutique

Hi everyone,

I know I said I have something planned for the gown section over at Champagne Boutique and 2 other boutiques in town but I couldn't resist to try on that dress not because I knew it was going to fit me well but because I wanted to check the level of discomfort I would feel in such too revealing dress with no bra support. Yet, here I am rocking it.


Custom Jewelry Feauturing custom-necklace.com

This post is sponsored by custom-necklace.com however, all opinions are mine.

Hi everyone, 

Today yet I am collaborating with custom-necklace.com to bring you more accessories options. For this post we will mostly feature 925 silver jewelry. I was glad when I received this collaboration request mostly because I am always on the hunt for some nice and good quality jewelry pieces at a reasonable price and being able to customize to include my family definitely remove all the guilts. 


Top 6 lace front Wig Hacks To Keep It Secure & Looking New

 *This post is sponsored

Women love their hair and, they believe that long beautiful hair makes them look even more glamorous. However, some of us do not have long beautiful hair, while others have short, thin hair, and even complete hair loss. In such cases, women prefer to wear wigs. If you have worn wigs, you might have understood how difficult it is to secure wigs and the struggles to keep it right.


Goodbye Summer - Featuring My Favorite Swimsuit

Champagne Boutique Try-on Session
Hi Everyone,

How to better say good-bye to summer than with a swimsuit try-on session. I know this one was highly requested but instead of a try-on session, I am sharing the hidden gem I found when I was actually not looking for swimsuit.


Elegance at its best: Dressing Room Try-On @Champagne Boutique

Hi everyone,

I don’t know what is happening to me today’s but I am experiencing the “blank page syndrome”. However, I am very excited to bring you our try-on session at ChampagneBoutique.


Special Edition: Back To School - Featuring Lady Aubrey & the Twins

Hi everyone,

Upon request, today the kids take over the blog with a mini back to school try-on session. I wanted to go to one of those boutiques for the session but since I wanted to include the twins; and thinking about the challenges that might incur with under 2-year old toddlers in a store I decided to do something home. I was telling myself that it was going to be quick, easy and short- big mistake: The twins were very agitated, they were of course happy to get dressed up and wear their new outfits but things got messy along the way:
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