A Touch of Green to kick-off the Holidays

Hi everyone,

This the season to be jolly! Actually, the only season where I can let the diva in me shine thru - lol. Funny but not funny. Anyway, I like a good mermaid dress and that one is no exception. As those december wedding invitations are coming, I am happy to find this classy yet not boring at all. Simply gorgeous!


15 holiday gift ideas for women @Amazon

Hi everyone,

It's time to make that Christmas gift list. It can be overwhelming to decide what to give to your dear ones. So I thought today I will share 15 affordable gifts ideas for the women in our lives.


10 Holiday gift ideas @ Pavillon Champagne

Hi everyone,

We are officially launching the holidays seasons. I hope you will find it fun, cheerful and your personal guide to a joyful season. Be sure to visit the blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to stay in the know. In collaboration with Pavillon Champagne & Champagne Boutique, today we bring you 10 gift ideas for the holiday seasons.


The White Jumpsuit @ChampagneBoutique and The House of Z

Hi Everyone,

Since I read the news on Vogue on November 1st, I kept coming back everyday to the article hoping that it was just a joke: Zac Posen, The House of Z is closed. Thirteen days later, and after the official Instagram good-bye post on their page I must accept that this is the end. Now if you are close to me, you know I love Zac Posen mostly their handbags, the Zac Collection.


What's Up with me & Casual wear to work

 Hi everyone,

With Christmas right around the corner, I feel the holidays depression come over me. And I definitely can't have that. I have so many fun things plan ahead for my kids and a special Holidays edition for the blog, I am trying to cheer up but I have been failing big time but don't worry, I will get there and on time. Dear depression, please come back later.


What shoes to wear to work

Buy here:
Rounded toe heels (here); pointed toe light brown heels (here); nude & snakeskin flats (here)
pointed toe flats (here)
Hi everyone,

I received a few questions of what type of shoes to wear to work or why some keep failing on picking up the right toe shoes. Today I am sharing a few tips that I think you should follow when deciding on your work shoes. Don't forget to comment below if you need more info or you can reach out in private (here) for more details.


Wedding Dresses

*This post is sponsored by however, all opinion are mine.

Hi everyone,

I love weddings and I have been dreaming about having a second wedding for a very long time. And no, I am not going to marry another man -lol. I was referring to our vow renewal. So when I receive the collab email from ladypromdress on their their wedding  dress collection, I decided it was time to start preparing my for the D-Day. 
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